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01/21/2019 - Welcome to our newly refreshed website and until our direct sales channel. Once again, we have had issues with Ebay (incorrectly) identifying our products as banned and restricted items. This has happened in the past and we after a substantial effort, the listings were restored. At this point, we have decided it is not worth fighting with them any more and have closed our online store on Ebay. Our Amazon store remains open currently and we have no plans on closing it unless they head down the same Orwellian path. We are launching our direct sales e-commerce site to supplement our Amazon store and provide an alternate sales channel that is not at the mercy of the whims, politics and unfortunately many times ignorant policy enforcers at generic e-commerce sales channels.

We have opted to offer tiered volume discounts and combined shipping discounts on our direct sales channel instead of the predefined product bundles offered in via our other channels. We feel that this offers our customers more flexibility when choosing what parts they wish to order. We have also implemented a product selection filter based on application that will only show the parts that fit a particular rifle to make ordering the right parts more straight-forward.

Please look around and feel free to contact us with feedback or comments.
03/16/2016 - Our front extension rail and riser are now shipping.  Currently available on Ebay and will be on Amazon shortly.  It has taken a little longer than originally planned but frankly, we were not fully satisfied with the previous designs for various reasons.  It soon became evident that the OEM plastic "Rib" needed to go in order to supply a high quality solution.

Our enhanced Riser replaces the plastic "Rib" on the forend cover with stable precision machined platform.  This arrangement maintains the use of the OEM rail lock and requires no modifications to the firearm.
You will find the same attention to detail as with all of our products.  Edges incorporate radii that match the existing forend cover.  Attention to aesthetic details means our parts blend seamlessly with the original furniture.  The design of the Riser enables the end of the front extension rail to match the ends of our side and bottom rails.  Even the recoil slots on the front extension rail are aligned with the slots in our side and bottom rails (OK, maybe a little OCD, but we really can't help it).  Examine the bottom of the riser and you will find a buna-N o-ring installed in the hole for forend assy pin.  This eliminates any play between the forend assy pin and the riser.    Note the extra machining that has been done to minimize weight (details, details).

Rail height is consistent with the original factory rail so it is possible to use the OEM front and rear sight if desired. The top rear rail is indexed to the center of the riser via the Rail Lock and premium mounting hardware secures the rail to the riser maintaining the alignment of the two rails.

The next scheduled product release will be the full length extended rails (14.9" for the 995TS and 15.9" for the 4095TS and 4595TS).  These will be shipping within 2-3 weeks.  They will use the same enhanced riser, but eliminate the OEM rail clamp.

This arrangement allows the user to choose either option (one piece or two piece) with the same engineering and quality that we put into all of our products.  In both cases, you gain some additional mil-spec space on the top side to mount BUIS, optics, lasers or whatever you desire.

Please feel free to contact us with feedback.