995TS Long top complete

The first batch of the long top rails for the 995TS have now been completed.  They will be sent out for anodizing Monday and should be back (along with the 4095/4595 version) and shipping the following Monday (5/2).  We are still working to resolve some listing issues on Amazon so only available initially via Ebay at this point.
Here are some photos of the first article during fit checking prior to the production run.
995TS long top - top view995TS long top - top view995TS long top - side view

One step closer

After getting through an issue with some equipment taken down for repair that turned into a 4 day ordeal, the long rails for the 4595TS/4095TS are almost ready for plating.  The 995TS & 3895TS parts will be finished as well in a couple of days.

The photos attached are of the first article 4x95TS part before tumbling.  Fit was excellent without any adjustments required (kudos to Phill for the excellent work as usual).  As with all images on this page, if you want a closer look, you can simply right click on the photo and select "view image" for a full size photo.

4x95TS Long Top Side4x95TS Long Top Close up
4x95TS Long Top (top view)

Extension riser design final (finally)

We were not really satisfied with the ability to properly deburr the design as shown in the last entry.  This led to a cosmetic change as shown in the version.  I have to say, I am finally happy with the results.  It fits like a glove and is dolphin smooth.  The final design also allowed us to trip a couple of grams out of the total weight by removing some material from the bottom.  First run of risers are running through the shop right now and should be back from anodizing on Mar 14.  The same riser will work with both the full length extended rails and top front extension rail.


Extension Assembly ISO viewExtension Assembly right side viewExtension Assembly top viewExtension Assembly short set

Extension rail udpdate

The first run of top extension rails is complete and on the way to be anodized.  The front rail mount is having the last few adjustments (a few 1/1000" here and there) before the first run is completed (planned next week).  The same front mount and same extension rail will work for all platforms (9/40/45).  The extension retains the use of the existing front clamp mechanism and will work with all OEM and existing rails made by us. It will also be used with the extended rails (995TS = 14.87" / 4095TS & 4595TS = 15.87").  The 995TS version is next in the queue immediately followed by the 4x95TS part.

All of these parts maintain our goal of no gunsmithing required (just some normal hand tools).

Initial shipments should commence in 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our products.

Please excuse the rough photos and unfinished prototype parts I the pictures, but I think they give a good view on how things will fit together.


Extension Assembly
Extension assembly top view
Extension side view

New product status

Front rail extension status:

Release delayed due to redesign.  The original design was found to be problematic to manufacture and required the end user to add two holes in the removable plastic barrel shroud that must be accurately drilled to keep the rails aligned.  This part has been redesigned such that it eliminates the need to drill any holes, uses the original clamping mechanism and self-aligns to the rear rail.  Prototypes are expected in 4-6 weeks.  We are very pleased with new version.  It solves a lot of issues that the original concept would have had.

Long top rails.  First production run of one piece top rails for the 995TS, 4095TS and 4595TS are expected to be ready to ship in about 4 weeks.

Universal rail family.  First articles of this line (the first not designed solely for the HP platform) are also expected in about 4-5 weeks.

Update on lower front rails

There has been a little delay in getting the first of these parts out.  Due to increased demand for our existing parts, we had to run a few production lots of the top rails and adapters prior to completing the first run of lower fronts.  Here are photos of the first production run for the lower front rails waiting for ops 3 & 4 to be completed.  We have completed 20 pieces to satisfy initial customers waiting on their completion plus a few extras.  These are leaving for anodizing today and will be available after Friday.  The rest of the first production lot will be completed and back from anodizing by April 17th.

Front lower rail prototype finished today

After a few adjustments the design of our lower front rail has been finalized.  Here is a short clip of some of the machining involved for anyone who is curious.

Here are some stills of the part after some of the machining ops...


During fit checking on 995TS & 4595TS...


First units should be available in early March.

Next in design / prototype queue is the extension for the top rail.