Extension rail udpdate

The first run of top extension rails is complete and on the way to be anodized.  The front rail mount is having the last few adjustments (a few 1/1000" here and there) before the first run is completed (planned next week).  The same front mount and same extension rail will work for all platforms (9/40/45).  The extension retains the use of the existing front clamp mechanism and will work with all OEM and existing rails made by us. It will also be used with the extended rails (995TS = 14.87" / 4095TS & 4595TS = 15.87").  The 995TS version is next in the queue immediately followed by the 4x95TS part.

All of these parts maintain our goal of no gunsmithing required (just some normal hand tools).

Initial shipments should commence in 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for your continued support and interest in our products.

Please excuse the rough photos and unfinished prototype parts I the pictures, but I think they give a good view on how things will fit together.


Extension Assembly
Extension assembly top view
Extension side view

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